Drama in my life.

Drama in my life.

I have to pick and choose between 2 bosses at work.
1. Works on outward licensing, chinese, more easy going, otakuish
2. Work on investment/finance/inward licensing, american, very aggressive, high expectations and high stress.

I switched departments to work with 1, but I have been working for both 1 and 2 ever since I joined the department, since I was kinda "on loan" to 2. Now 1 and 2 can't seem to work together anymore, and 2 is asking me to give a clear answer on who I want to work with from here on.

Pros of 1: Compatible work style, lower-stress, clear directions, a lot of soft skills
Cons of 1: No internal support, very difficult executions, lesser responsibilities and chances to learn "hard skills"

Pros of 2: Very efficient work style, lots I can learn from in terms of how to do things perfectly, lots of hard skills (ie, M&A and business concepts)
Cons of 2: Highly stressful, need to fundamentally change my work ethics, I am just not THAT interested in finance.

All my Chinese friends are picking 1, and all the other members from 2's team is telling me to pick 2. Both are really good friends of mine, and 2 is giving me a lot of pressure to make a decision fast. 2 is saying that he is recruiting heavily for his team, and a spot is guaranteed if I were to work with him. 1 is having hard time recruiting as the skill set he needs is more specific. I am currently part of 1's team in terms of organizational structure.

SOOOOO annoying. I made the move to the BD department because of 1's invitation, but 2 soon joined the department and has a slightly higher position than 1. If only 2 never appeared, there would be no problems.

I think now I really need to choose between a more compatible work style, or a more challenging job. I truly believe that both would be good decisions, and I was going to speak with our big boss, but now our big boss is leaving the company. FML. Worse thing is both are my good friends, I think 2 knows I am leaning towards 1 right now. I will take me leaving his team very badly, and 2 has had like at least 5 conversations with me already, telling me there is no future on 1's team. OTL


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So many new year posts, lol.

So i heard many people are moving away from LJ, which sucks cause I don't get FB from China. Please cross post to LJ if you guys can ;_;

So little update from October: Been on many diff business trips such as to Indonesia and Korea, still working hard(?) in new position.
Went to Japan for Chinese new year again, this time to kyoto, nara, osaka with family.

That's it~~~ sooo want to be with you guys in California ;___; see you guys in July~~~

My life

Still in the 6 month transitioning period from the R&D Department into Business Development.
Just got back from a tiring Taiwanese vacation (if you think a 5-day non-stop itinerary can be considered as a vacation) at 12AM today.
Will be leaving for an 8-day business trip to Thailand and Indonesia at 6AM in the morning. It is 2.30AM right now.